HI LUHVAS. When it comes to fashion I’m obsessed with a lot of the trends going around lately. LETS get this straight….I by no means have attended any type of fashion school and I wouldn’t call myself a first class expert but all I know is I know a good look when I see one! 🙂 SO…..I’m sharing with you my favorite looks and trends for this summer!


THE band tees. I cannot. I’m literally obsessed. Honestly, most of mine I’ve found at Forever 21 or Pacsun… but honestly you should thrift around Savers and  stuff becuase I have found some crazy cool ACDC and Michael Jackson tees there! Plus it’ll save ya a little monayy.IMG_6595 2THESE SOCKS are everything. I know you’re confused about socks in the summer but I love the little socks peeping out from your Stan Smiths or even your Birks!

IMG_6594 2

But can you ever go wrong with all black? I’ve been super into the Vans lately, which I told myself I would never say or do or touch but hi here I am!! A good summer capri pant can be done perfectly if you are sure to get a good pair that fits your body type well! I’m diggin’ this look.

IMG_6593 2

LONG SKIRTSSSS. I’m into it, I love it. I need em’. I rocked some long skirt looks in Hawaii but forgot to snap some pics BUT YOU can get the idea from this pic! Pair it with some cool sneakers (like above) for a more relaxed look, or throw on some chunky fun sandals and you’re ready for a more beachy vibe. IN LOVE.

IMG_6592 2

OK. Like I said-I’m so into the band tee thing. The mis-matched socks, oversized tee-heart eyes all over.

IMG_6591 2IMG_6590