Life Update. August.

First off, hi. I’m here! Thank you to all of you who have subscribed to my blog via email! I figured to those who are loyal followers, I owe you an update!

  1. No more Instagram!

If you’re confused, don’t be. Yes I removed my Instagram page and quit my job as an Instagram “influencer.” I didn’t block you, I didn’t take a break- I completely removed it. If you’re a close friend, you’ve probably already known the reason or my explanation, but for those who are my social media followers….here you go! Instagram was simply robbing too much of my real life. My self esteem in some ways, my time,  my privacy, and my real moments. I didn’t want my life to be SO public. Don’t get me wrong,  I think social media can be an extremely positive thing. For me, what I was doing simply felt as if I was asking for the approval of others and it was robbing way too many things that I wasn’t willing to compromise. After some good hard self reflection, I decided that I wanted to not be so heavily involved with the whole influencer world. Thank you to all the people who messaged us on my husbands account, texted me, or found me on Facebook. Everything is fineeee. Actually, life couldn’t be better! 🙂 I was so shocked how many people followed us so closely that reached out. Thank you for your support and love through my social media business, but we are completely fine and there is nothing major going on that caused this decision. Simply a lifestyle change! 🙂 Lastly, thank you SO much to all the brands that were so supportive in this decision. The hardest part of deleting my Instagram was feeling like I was letting so many brands down. I had a list of collaborations in the works, and I felt horrible telling them I would no longer be able to work with them after receiving the amazing products or services they sent me. THANK you so much to every single brand that reached out kindly and expressed so much support towards this decision! Although I took a break from social media all together for a while…due to exciting news, we have created a family page! If you are a close family member or friend that would like to follow along, you can follow our private family account! Which brings me to….


Ahhhh. I feel like the news is so public because all of our close family and friends know, but I forget that there is a whole world of blog followers that support our family. SO HI! We are expecting! BABY GIRL is due February 1st and we couldn’t be more excited! These past few months have been among some of the most special for us as a family. Finding out we were expecting was life changing!  We feel so blessed that Heavenly Father trusts us with one of his children and we are soooo ready to welcome baby girl! With that, I’ll give you a bumpdate! Since I haven’t been so  involved on social media, I forget its a thing to share this kind of stuff! Baby girl is healthy as ever and has been SO sweet to me during this pregnancy. I HAVE NOT BEEN SICK ONCE! I don’t know how I got so lucky….and I thank my husband every day for mixing in good genes because this pregnancy has been a breeze! I feel so, so lucky! I mean, sure…some smells make me feel sick and every now and again at night time I would have 5 minutes of nausea…but thats it! Baby girl LOVES orange juice and bagels and loves making my legs crampy and achey! She’s been sending lots of flutters and we are so excited for the big kicks! Every time we check on her, she’s moving like crazy in her ultrasounds! IT IS SO CRAZY what our bodies are capable of.  Baby girl has a few name options that mean a lot to us, but we are waiting until we meet her to decide! Our mailbox has constant bow deliveries…..sorry Charles! 🙂 But I feel so lucky to have such a kind and supportive husband who already is so obsessed with his little daddy’s girl! Baby bump is just starting to show but I will have better pictures in a few months! Here was our VERY FIST ultrasound at 8 weeks! SHE WAS SO TINY! My heart could burst.

Processed with VSCO with fp1 preset


Our housing situation. Wow. hahahaha. Charles and I moved out of our cute little apartment over 4 months ago! Our families were kind enough to house us while we were waiting on renovations in a home down town. Thanks Kara! 🙂 The week we were supposed to move in to our new home….we found devastating news that it had been broken into and robbed. They broke down every door, TRASHED the place, sprayed fire extinguisher dust everywhere took our brand new tv and other items…..and stamped it with their gang sign. We were HEARTBROKEN. My father in law had put in so much hard work, time, and effort into these renovations and we were HEARTBROKEN that someone could be so heartless to destroy someone else’s property. We were pretty lost at what to do or where to go….but with A LOT of prayer we knew that we didn’t feel comfortable making that place our home…. Especially with baby girl on the way. We felt our Heavenly Father’s blessings as a new rental home in a great neighborhood was made available within 3 days! Within those 3 days of our break in, we were able to completely move into a new home. We are settled in our place and love our cute little neighborhood close to both of our immediate families. We are excited to start out family in this home and it feels SO good.

4. Jobs

My husband and I are working at our same jobs! The laboratories for him, Foster Care Agency for me (and him in his spare time). We both love our jobs and I feel so lucky that  I have such a hardworking husband! We both pull our weight and we are working hard up until the arrival of baby girl! I plan on going back to work after giving birth, but we’ll take it one day at a time for now! Charles is starting school studying Medical Tech and I’m so excited to watch him grow and flourish in his education! He’s so dang smart. I’m so proud of him and excited to see where he goes!

5.  Family first.

Charles and I have been focusing a lot of family. Our own little growing family, and our own immediate and extended families. We’ve loved growing closer as a married couple and can’t believe we are about to hit our 1 year anniversary! Everyone told us “The first year of marriage is the hardest.” If that’s true….we’re in for smooth sailing!:) This year flew by! I feel so lucky to have married who I married. I can’t even brag enough. But I’ll leave those sacred feelings to myself because they’re just so special!


Again, thank you to all those who have followed us as a family! WE LOVE YOU.


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