Life Update.

HELLO! Back by popular demand are my life updates! It’s so funny to me that these are the posts that everyone always asks for…cuz’s just my life! It’s not that interesting! But I feel so grateful to have such an amazing support system who follows our little journey. So here’s the details from behind the tiny squares you see on my Instagram.

  1. Husband loving his job.

If you read my last life update, you’d know that my husband got a new job researching and processing blood specimens for hospitals. Well…update. He LOVES it. I am still so amazed how he conquers such a demanding work schedule with such grace and enthusiasm. He’s my hero. lol.

2. 1 year older.

We celebrated my husbands 22nd birthday with a much needed weekend staycation! He was spoiled with Beats, Adidas, Cheesecake…you know. All the crucial things in life. 😉 By far my favorite part of the weekend was just being able to spend time with him! Because of our new work schedules, we rarely see each other during the week. And if we do…he’s asleep while I’m rushing to do errands or pick up the house because he works graveyards! Our weekends are DEFINITELY cherished and I was so happy to be able to celebrate him!

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3. Lola Lou.

Oh my gosh. My heart could grow 20 sizes for her every single day. I love this puppy so much. Despite from her chewing up our wedding album and peeing on our brand new mattress….she’s a gem. NEVER did I ever think I could love an animal so much. Lola is obsessed with making a swimming pool out of her water bowl, laying in the sunshine, and playing at the park! She loves showing off her tricks and loves spending time with her cousins…(even though her eyes came back BLOODSHOT the other day from sleeping over cuz she was partying all night long!!) She loves cuddling and knows when we are sad! She is our life!! Our first born. We’re obsessed.

4. It’s a blog world.

I feel SO SO blessed to have recently had my social media REALLY take flight. I’m so excited to be working with amazing new companies and after being SO behind on collaborations due to personal things…I’m back in the game! I feel inspired, motivated, and ready to focus on what I love. I have exciting new things coming from Macy’s, Bumble & Bumble, and many other brands to kick off my new focus. BEAUTY!!! For so long on my blog I have tried to share more fashion and lifestyle with you guys…but I realize it’s not where my strength is! My blog is being re-focused on ALL things beauty. It’s where my knowledge is, it’s what I love, It’s what I spend my money on. I mean come on. I’m in sweats 90% of the time…but I use a face mask almost every single day! It just seemed fitting. I’m so excited to share with you all of my favorite beauty products and reviews…along with sharing our day to day family life with you guys!!!

5.  Health.

As many of you know… I had 2 kidney surgeries within 2 months at the beginning of the year. Although my kidneys are feeling MUCH better….it’s had consequences on my whole body. For so long I was just go, go, go and never really took care of my body. So now, with a bulged disc in my back causing EXTREME sciatic nerve pain…I’ve been working for a couple months with a back doctor to get me feeling better. There were so many things that we wanted to start thinking about this year. Starting a family, traveling, kicking off business ideas….but it’s all kind of put to a halt right now until my body is feeling 100% again. NEVER in my life have I had more sicknesses than I have lately! IT’S SO WEIRD. Send your suggestions about bulged discs and sciatic nerve pain my way! ALSO thank you so much to all of my followers and supporters who sent amazing suggestions, advice, and tips when I was on Prednisone. Your tips were put to good use!!!!

6.  Fitness.

After being inspired by my hair stylist, I decided to join her in doing the KETO diet. Look it up, I’m not wanting to ramble on about it! I LOVE IT THOUGH.  I also have started going to my high fitness / Zumba 10pm class every night and I’m proud to say I’ve starting seeing numbers drop on the scale! MORE than I’ve ever seen in such a short amount of time lately. I mean…Easter killed me a little bit…but I’m proud of myself to say the least!

7. Moving.

WE’RE MOVING! We feel so lucky to have such talented family members who flip homes. We are so excited to be moving much closer to family and have had so much fun watching our new place be renovated. We are SO grateful. We can’t wait to show you before and afters! Coming soon in MAY!:)

8. Enjoying the journey.

I feel like this has been one of my biggest goals. As everyone around us is building their new lives, having babies, buying big homes, traveling the world….I started to get a little frustrated. How can they afford that? How did they get pregnant so fast? I started to get a little judgmental. Mostly out of jealousy, right? It only comes from jealousy when we can’t be happy for other people. But as I’ve been REALLY working on enjoying our journey, I’ve become so much happier! I have AMAZING friends….(Tangi, Fif…the girl squad) Who have been so enlightening to me when I’ve been struggling or sad. It’s so nice to have friends in the SAME wave length of life as you who can offer different points of views and enlighten you that “you’re doing great, sweetie.” 🙂 I LOVE MY LIFE WITH MY HUSBAND. I’m grateful for every single toss and turn we’ve been thrown and I’m so excited to watch our journey unfold. Everything happens in it’s own time. And when it does, it’ll be that much more special for us.

Thank you so much for following my journey and life! It still is so crazy to me that people are so supportive of the dreams I have and the way we choose to carry them out. We love that spring is here and so please enjoy these beautiful photos done by Meghan Johnston! You can view her other work HERE 🙂

We love her to death! Happy spring! Happy everything!




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