Bumble & Bumble.

Out of all the questions that I get on Instagram, my blog, through messages and comments….hair & fashion seem to always be the top ones.  I’m so excited to share with you my collaboration with Bumble & Bumble because they have been one of my favorite brands for as long as I can remember!

Okay. Lets talk about hair care. I cannot enough how important it is to take good care of your hair. TRUST ME. I have been on both sides of it! In high school, I couldn’t have cared less what products I used on my hair. I didn’t care what was in them and I bleached my hair with no fear….let alone use any type of protection for it. Trust me, I saw how it destroyed my hair. Now, 3 almost 4 years later…my baby hairs are still recovering from all the damaged that I did to them! Poor guys 😦

I think one of the first things we think of when we think of hair care is heat. Which….you’re right. Heat plays a huge part in the damage our hair can develop. But I’m here to talk about one of the things we don’t always think of first. Our hair products.

Why do you love Bumble & Bumble? 
I love Bumble & Bumble because not only do the products do exactly what they advertise…..but they are also safe to use on your hair. None the chemicals and ingredients are going to harm your hair. In fact, they really do help it. So here are a few of my Bumble & Bumble favorites for ya 🙂

  1. Save the Day Daytime Protective Repair Fluid

For my fine hair, this product is perfect! I am so glad the Bumble reps recommended it for my hair! This product is HIGHLY restorative and is infused with Camelia Oil and UV filters to help repair past wear-and-tear – and fortify against future damage. GOALSSS. After a good shampoo and condition, you just run this product through your damp hair and don’t rinse. And let me be completely honest, I’ve never found another hair product that smells as good as this one.  BUY IT HERE


2. While You Sleep Damage Repair Masque

This product goes hand in hand with the first one I talked about. Same amazing smell, and the same goal to to repair damaged hair.  This one is an overnight masque and I’m seriously so in love with it! You apply it to your dry hair and sleep in it once or twice a week. Use this product and then wash it out in the morning and use the Save the Day fluid……and bam. A perfect blow dry for healthy looking hair! Or let it air dry and you’ll still get that healthy, soft feel!  BUY IT HERE


3. Prêt-à-powder Très Invisible (Nourishing) Dry Shampoo

This dry shampoo really is life changing. Such an amazing style extender that not only cleanses your roots…but nourishes the ends. Get the dry shampoo results without the dry feel. l AM OBSESSED with this dry shampoo!!!!!!! 10/10 recommend. You shake it and then spray it and work through with a brush or your fingers the product roots to ends! I promise this is the best for day 2 and 3 hair that you want to still look great! BUY IT HERE


4.  Prêt-à-powder

Okay. This one is going to have a similar goal as the spray….but this one is in powder form. I have never found another dry shampoo that gives as much volume and clean of a feel as this one. I use this powder every single day.  You can even add a pinch to your brush and comb it through freshly blow dried hair to extend your blow dry look. If you have really oily hair, this powder will work wonders for you! I still think it’s a staple product for any girl…but ESPECIALLY if you tend to be on the oilier side you need this magic!! BUY IT HERE 

5. BB Repair Blow Dry

Despite the unknown knowledge I had about hair in high school, I actually really did use this product even back then. I have never found another product that gives such a smooth and soft blow dry! It also has heat protectant in it which is so important if you are going to put heat on your hair. It smells amazing and it fully delivers! Repair while you blow dry? Count me in, always. BUY IT HERE








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