Life Update.

A little life update for all of you! It’s so crazy I feel like I share so many things on my Instagram but it TRULY is just tiny, tiny glimpses of reality!

  1. New Job.

My hubby started a new job and works so hard to provide for our family! He basically researches and processes blood specimens from different hospitals and clinics. He is more smart, talented, and dedicated than I ever will be. I’m so proud of him! 

2. Lola Lou.

Lola Lou is growing every single day and we don’t know if we want her to stay puppy forever or grow up so she loses her sharp puppy teeth! In 2 weeks she doubled in size from 7 lbs to 14 lbs and we are obsessed with her. She can sit, shake, and loves to play in the snow with her dad. 

3.  Kidney Surgery.

My kidney surgery was finally successful on the second try and they were able to remove my kidney stones, drain the infection, & a week later I had my stent removed! I feel like a new person! It feels so good!! Thank you for all your suggestions on how to feel better throughout this whole process! Your tips were so helpful.

4. Dream Chasing.

My husband and I both are HUGE dreamers and have decided to place action behind a few of them! (Stay tuned) He is so supportive of my dreams for my blog and for my personal business endeavors. We can’t wait to share with you our journey down the many roads we want to take.

Charles also signed up again for the Ragnar race with his family….I’m still debating! 

5. Financial Planning.

We were able to sit down and make financial goals for 2018 for a few things we would like to accomplish. I think it is SO important to sit down with your husband, wife, significant other, or even just yourself and talk about the harder things, like finances. We made some goals and we are working towards them! We are excited to grow and learn through this whole process of becoming adults. 

6. Toothpaste Sales.

HOLY MOLY you guys. I never thought that distributing whitening toothpaste would have such a huge impact on our lives but….seriously. You guys are the best! You helped me take a personal business endeavor to the next level and I am so excited to be able to continue to distribute and share with you products that I LOVE. Thank you so much for supporting us! Through your toothpaste purchases, we have been able to assist our finances in places that were needed. THANK YOU. I’m excited to see your results! 

7. Social life.

Moving back to where I grew up after being at college was a huge social change for me. I feel so lucky to have so many close high school friends and family members that made the transition much easier and included me right away. Being married TOTALLY changes your social life. AS it should. I mean, you’re with your eternal companion everyday. Isn’t that like the goal?? I have so much fun spending time with my husband and I’m so lucky that he is 100 times more fun than I am and has the best ideas of things to do! AHHH I LOVE HIM.

8. Lifestyle.

I will be totally honest. I was probably one of the most spoiled people growing up. Still am, actually. My parents are SO generous and helped my husband and I start our life together. But being married has shifted my priorites. Definitely a reality check for me. My husband and I were able to sit down and talk about how our lifestyle was probably going to change and how we needed to make some sacrifices. And I am working towards changing a lot of things! Which means me giving up a lot of the materialistic things like eyelash extensions and having my nails always done and being able to eat Cafe Rio whenever… buying clothes….WHICH SEEMS SO DUMB but….I’m being honest. Those are things I’ve been used to my whole life! My marriage and family comes first. It’s time to grow up. 

9. Fitness.

Ahhh the dreaded topic based off my own insecurities. I started BBG again and have made huge changes to my dietary habits. I’m so lucky to have a husband who is so supportive no matter what and is always cheering me on. IF YOU ARE DOING BBG, message me! Or if you’ve done it…have any tips….a support group working on it together would be so awesome! 

10. Family.

This year a lot of changes happened to my family and Charles and I grew to be obsessed with spending time with both of our families. I think it is so important. It’s definitely one of those feel good things with people who are non-stop supportive. Being closer to home than I was in college, it’s so nice to be able to just drop by my parents instead of calling 20 times a day. Wait. I still call 20 times a day. BUT my parents are the best and still will occasionally pick up groceries for us or surprise us with a treat and it’s so nice to have them down the street a few minutes! 10 minutes away beats an hour away FOR SURE. Charle’s family has been the biggest blessing and having younger siblings for the first time is so fun for me. I am so grateful for the support on both sides. Spend time with your families. 






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