Beauty Must Haves. 

Hi babes! I’ve decided to share with you a few of my favorite products that I always keep on hand! 

1. Hydrating Makeup Wipes

These have been by far my favorite makeup removing wipes I’ve used so far! Especially for dry winter skin! I use them before I wash my face every night! 

2. Facial Spray 

Not only does this smell amazing…it works wonders on my dry winter skin! I spray this on my face every night before bed and I even use it in the mornings to set my makeup and add a burst of moisture for a less powdered look! 

3. Clinique Gel

I’ve talked about this product before in my skincare post…but it truly is one of my all time favorite beauty products! I credit my good skin to this line of products! I will swear by them forever! 

4.Whitening Toothpaste 

Okkk I’ve blown this up all over my Instagram because I distribute it! But you guys I really can’t live without it! It’s the perfect product to whiten your teeth without any sensitivity or weird stains! Message me and we can get you set up with some! 

5. NYX butter gloss in Fortune Cookie
This lipgloss is my go-to for anything! I use it almost every single day at some point! I also love the plot Eclair but Fortune Cookie is the perfect natural looking gloss! 



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