Play to your strengths.

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When I decided to release my blog and become an influencer, I didn’t really have a clue about the world I was entering. And let me tell you it’s sort of a dog eat dog world. Now, the whole thing is familiar to me and I can understand it a lot better than I used to.  I’m very attentive and pick up details + patterns pretty quickly, especially with social media. There is a particular pattern that has been on my mind a lot lately..

Let me just start off by saying thank you to my followers and readers. I receive SO much support through emails, dm’s, and messages. It truly puts my priorities in check and makes me remember that all I want to do is create “good.” I hope you can find good in this post rather than extracting the negative parts. 🙂

With blogging and influencing, you’ll find that all the little cliques that happen in real life, happen online too. This can either be a good thing or one of the most destructive things. You can have the best support system or your group can crumble with inner competition and passive aggressive attacks. It really just comes down to lack of confidence in your own strengths.

I’d like to be frank and straight to the point, but the quote  above says it a lot more beautifully than I ever could. I think that branding yourself is probably the upmost important thing you can do going into it. What do you want to be your thing? How do you want to inspire?

This is where you have to play to your strengths. Don’t try and steal other people’s thunder. If you are not a beauty and fashion blogger, you do not need to seek collaborations with beauty and fashion companies just because you see other influencers doing it.  It’s not a point system of how many brands you can work with in a week. You do not have to create fitness content if you know nothing about fitness or have no desire to share that aspect of your life. For me, that’s something I keep private for now. You do not have to swap your style and all of the sudden be edgy just because it’s “trending.’ You might be a J-Crew/Ralph Lauren kind of girl and that is OKAY. You don’t have to change that! You can create your own lane. When you are creating your own ideas, content, and creative pathways- there will be no competition.  It’s not a fight for followers, people.

I’ve found that my blogging, influencing, and creating has been the most successful and most rewarding when it’s 150% real and from my brain. My thoughts, my real life events, and my personal beliefs. I actually get emotional when I think about the amount of support and interaction I have received during some of the biggest moments of my life, like my wedding, for example! It is so crazy to me how people find positivity in following my journey. Your support and love is the reason I keep doing what I love! It’s the reason I will continue to share my creativity and thoughts. You guys are unreal.

For my blog, I aim to just share good!! I want to share with you all things fashion, beauty, and lifestyle! I know there is always room for improvement and I would love to be able to share more of what you love to see! Drop comments below of the things you’d love to see more of! I love your suggestions especially when it comes to helping create authenticity!





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