The Best Yes

My heart is so full writing this post! Mostly because I did not think it was possible for a heart to love someone so much. I’ve had so many people asking me how the big night went down and I’m sorry for all the text messages and calls I’ve still failed to return! I’ve been a little busy enjoying/soaking everything in! Hopefully this post can make up for it!

So first. You should know that there is nothing I hate more than surprises! Anyone who knows me, knows this. But I’m gonna admit, this one-was worth it. 🙂 I had my nails done and ready for 2 weeks and was told by all my closest friends to “dress cute everyday” OK NO PRESSURE. So everyday I put on a cute shirt and was skeptical except….for the night it actually happened. I got to Charles’ cousins house for a double date night which wasn’t anything out of the ordinary and I thought well, if it’s tonight, I’ll know as soon as I get there because it’s already 7pm. Nope. I got there, Charles was in his high school football sweats playing xbox with his bestie on the couch. And that was it! I relaxed and was like yeah this isn’t happening. Maybe next week.

After an hour of all of us hanging out, the boys went to go “move furniture” at their cousins house…also…not out of the ordinary. SO it was just me and my girl (his cousin) Fifi for a girls night. We vented everything out about our lives, talking about online shopping…past memories….and Fifi didn’t look down at her phone attttt all. I wasn’t skeptical, I didn’t feel like anyone was secretly planning anything. Oh but they were.

After a few hours of our boys being gone….Fifi stood up and told me we were gonna go find something to do because they were taking too long. “I grabbed my wallet in case we want fries or something”…….she said…………………..YOU GUYS it was literally 9pm at this point I for sure was so clueless. I thought for sure the time was long gone for that night. I really thought we were about to go get french fries.

We got into the van and drove to the gas station to fill up. STILL CLUELESS I was just chillin’ having so much fun with Fifi that I hadn’t even talked to Charlie once. SO I finally texted him.  I don’t even remember what we started talking about because as soon as I looked down at my phone to reply…. Fifi pulled over at the gas station and pulled out a blindfold. She said “Well Sarah….today is the day. It’s happening…..No more insecurities, it’s happening!” She handed me a blindfold and told me to put it on because she didn’t want to wreck my eyelash extensions and I said heckkkk yes lets GO!  Fifi started playing every cheesy marriage Bruno mars, Train song she could find and we sped….like literally SPED to some place I had no idea we were going. *Me crying under my blindfold* could barely hold still as I kept yelling for Fif to drive faster.

This would be….this point….




She walked me to Charlie and he took my blindfold off and I WAS AT MY MOST FAVORITE PLACE ever! The Utah State Capitol. Also-such a significant place for me and Charles but I won’t get into all the cheesy details of the reasoning why 🙂

I don’t think that there even is a word to describe the happiness my heart felt.  The hands down, easiest most confident YES I’ve ever said. And I wouldn’t change it for the world!

There are so many people that would disagree with it. The “you’re to young…” the “that was quick” comments. And believe me I got them! But I just want to say thank you for all of you who have been so kind, loving, and supportive. I could not be more excited to start  this new phase of life with LITERALLY the man of my dreams.

Charlie Hosea you really are my much much better half. Thank you so much for loving me.

October 5th can’t come soon enough!

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photos courtesy of the iphone7 and very shaky excited hands.




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