Uptown Funk You Up feat. Uptown Cheapskate 

HI MY PEEPS!! I love you so much and I’m sorry I’ve been MIA for the past little bit, I’ve had craziness going on but I’m back and I’m here with content and I can promise you there is LOTS more coming from so many amazing projects I’ve been working on. 

SO IM HERE TO TALK TO YOU about my favorite topic-fashion. (Also please envision Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars playing rn)…..cuz I am. 

 One of the things that I’ve tried to focus on more lately is being realistic. Realistic as in….I’m not about to walk into Gucci and Stella McCartney at age 20 and fund my whole wardrobe with my job at a start up company. It just DOESN’T work like that. As much as I wish my parents funded that part of my life, they don’t. One of the other things that I’ve tried to focus on more is being conscious. 

So let me hit you with some facts. The AVERAGE American throws away 70 lbs of textile a year. (Brb while I throw up.) 70…..pounds……..

And OF THE ITEMS in your closet right now, according to Teen Vogue, 70% will never be worn again. 70…..percent……. 

DO YOU UNDERSTAND HOW MANY LANDFILLS…..THAT. COULD. FILL.!!!? Until I started looking into the facts, I was so careless about buying and never wearing my clothes again. Yes I SWEAR by Forever 21 most days, but I have realized that mass production of clothing has caused some serious problems for our world. 

So this is where Uptown Cheapskate interested me. I’ve neeeeever been your best second hand shopper until I recently got into thrifting. It’s always been a dream of mine to take vintage things and create them into timeless pieces. As I started doing that, I was educated on the modern version of this. FOR ALL MY COLLEGE SISTAS OUT THERE WITH LOANS TO PAY-why are you spending hundreds of dollars on clothes that you wear once? 

Uptown Cheapskate. They pay cash for your clothes. And if they don’t buy them, you can choose to donate them to organizations that benefit local and international causes. (Foster kids, battered women, the homeless shelter, and local charities.)  Last year alone, Uptown purchased 3.3 million pieces of clothing-paying customers more than $12 million back in to the local community. They also helped to facilitate donations of more than 5 million items. That’s a lot of stuff that didn’t get thrown away and clogging up the landfills. Just sayin’….

This white lace detailed dress had me all up in my summer feels and I felt even better knowing I wasn’t contributing to filling any landfills by purchasing another outfit that I would probably only wear for a few special occasions! 

All the details  from both my outfits in the pictures below were from Uptown Cheapskate. EVERYTHHHANNG. Comment below if you have any questions about this amazing company and I’d be happy to rave all day about it!! I’m such a firm believer in leaving things better than you found them. People, places, and especially-the world we live in. 🙂 love you all!! 



All photos taken by the talented @marleythea 

Contact her on Instagram for any collaborations



One thought on “Uptown Funk You Up feat. Uptown Cheapskate 

  1. Uptown Cheapskate sounds amazing. And I have been a second hand buyer of clothes for a while now, it’s so much better sometimes especially when you can get the clothes for a fraction of the price!


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