dinner and a movie.

Okay….lets get really real here. Dating kind of is the worst. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it can be the best. Lately I’ve S C O R E D and it’s kindaaaa been the best…..:) BUT for all of you running dry on ideas of what to do…..I’m here to give you 10 date ideas that will motivate you a little bit more to get back in the game. BECAUSE there is nothing worse than sitting in a car on a date THEY asked you on, with them saying “So what do you wanna do?” Like I DUNNO bro you’re the one who asked me out. Lets just avoid that pls and thank you. Dinner and a movie can only take you so far, people.

  1. Skittle Bowling

THIS ONE IS COURTESY of BriRay, everyone. (Go bestie.) So here’s how it works. Grab a bag of skittles and write down which each color of skittle means. For example, for every red skittle maybe it means you bowl between your date’s legs. For every yellow skittle, you have to bowl with your left hand. Green, your date gets to pick how you bowl (do 10 spins, grandma style, etc.) You get the idea right?? Each time before your date bowls, you pick a skittle out and they have to do what the color says! I promise it makes bowling 100 times better!

2. Mini Road Trip

Road trips don’t have to be 10 hours away with a whole trip mapped out for the next week. Pick a place where you live an hour or two away and justttt drive. Maybe it’s a popular stopping point on a lot of other road trips, but who’s to say it can’t be your final destination? IF you live in Utah like I do, the Sand Dunes are a good example of this! Drive to a lake nearby, a pretty lookout spot, and just enjoy getting to know your date. For me, I have a secret obsession with long car rides. Good music, good conversation.

3. Tourists

PLAYYYY tourist with your date and find all the popular destination in your hometown. It’s like a staycation with someone you love to be around. What’s better? Hit up every popular joint like it’s your first time there and take the most touristy photo you can ever take.

4. Bake off

This one is fun for a double date or you can go against your date one on one! Find some mystery ingredients and see which couple can create the best cake, brownie,  cookie, cupcake-creation with it!

5. Outdoor Concert

Okay. This one is gonna take a little planning. But I believe in you. Find a local outdoor concert (a ton are actually free!) and head over there with blankets and listen to the good stufffff. There is something about live music that brings people together! Trust. If you’re in Utah, message me and I’ll give you a list of some good local ones coming up! 🙂

6. Sunrise Hike

I’m literally laughing at myself out loud right now because I actually hate hiking so much but I promise this is fun! It doesn’t have to be a big one or a hard one, just one where you ca ntalk and watch the sunrise together! BONDING right there. I’m tellin’ ya!

7. Paddle Board

Rent paddle boards with a bunch of people and go to your local lake and try it out! You can do one board per couple, or go head up against your date if you want! This is a way fun summer date and you get get your tan on while you’re hanging out! Bless up.

8.  Photo Scavenger Hunt

This is one of my all time favorite group dates! Make a list of places and things that you have to capture in picture form! For example, take a picture with someone at the grocery store in a red shirt, take a picture of a fake proposal, take a video dancing with a stranger or tripping in public. Post them all to your favorite social media (Snapchat, Instagram story, Boomr, etc.) and see who can complete the list the quickest!

9.  Unplug

Unplug for technology and head up the canyon with stuff to roast hot dogs and make s’mores. Hopefully you have someone who can bring their guitar and everyone can jam and get to know each other without checking their phone in between cuz noooooo serviceeee babbyyyy. 🙂

10. Carnival

OK. Confession. I literally have the biggest obesession with carnivals, festivals, and fairs. I DUNNO WHY. Maybe it’s because it makes me feel like I’m in a movie but whatever. They are so much fun and you can play all the little games and get COTTON CANDY PEOPLEEEE. Yep. Done deal if there’s cotton candy.  There are so many good ones in the summertime, again, if you live in Utah-message me and I’ll give you a list of some coming up!

Well, happy national best friends day everyone! I hope that ALL OF YOU texted, called, or hugged your best friend and told them how much you love them and VENMOED them a dollar for being your best friend :))



ps. shoutout to my best friend in the pictures below!

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Processed with VSCO with a7 presetIMG_0649Processed with VSCO with a7 presetIMG_0662.JPG


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