Happy skin-happy life.

I know they say happy wife, happy life…WHICH I’m sure is beyond true but not honestly not relatable at this point….so if you’re WITH me on that one, you can live by the next best motto-happy skin, happy life. 😉

LET ME START by saying that I haven’t always had skin that looked semi-decent. In fact, my skin was horrible. And here’s a Snapchat I sent to my friends senior year of high school after I had gotten surgery-just to give you a glimpse at what it actually looked like-no makeup, all me. No shame.


The problem with my skin was that I was doing wayyyy too much. I was using every skin clearing product that was loaded up with chemicals and putting more and more layers onto skin that was already crying for help. ON top of that, I had the stress of school, applying for college, dating, and friends and probably (definitely wasn’t) eating as healthily or drinking as much water as I should have.

I HAVE TRIED every single acne clearing treatment in the books. Nothing worked. Not even the prescribed stuff. It wasn’t until I did Accutane that I finally started to love my skin. If you aren’t familiar with Accutane, Accutane is used to treat severe nodular acne. It is usually given after other acne medicines or antibiotics have been tried without successful treatment of symptoms. Although Accutane comes with a ton of risks, I decided that it was the solution that I wanted to go with. And it worked.


After 6 months of treatment, dry lips, back aches, nose bleeds, and acne that SEEMED like it was getting worse before it ever got better-this is my skin, now. It’s skin that I can feel confident in without  makeup and skin that I am proud of. Accutane helped not only with my severe breakouts, but with my acne scars as well. Since being off Accutane for almost a year, my skin only gets tiny breakouts and they’re always right on que with that time of month if you know what I’m sayin’ 😉

Although my skin did a complete 360, there are still things that I have to do to take care of it. SO here are my tips for you to keep your skin happy and healthy.

  1. Drink Water.

Keeping your skin hydrated is a natural remedy to help flush the dirt and grime out.

2. Lukewarm Water When Washing.

Hot water dries out your skin, cold water won’t open your pores.

3. Don’t Pimple Pop.

Let your pimples do their thaaanng. Popping and irritating them can cause infections and for the blemishes to spread.

4. Keep you hair off your face.

It’s just more dirt and chemicals that you do not need rubbing against your skin.

5. Hands off your face.

This one is SUPER hard for me! Whenever I’m sitting down I always like to rest my hand on my cheek or chin, but guess what. It’ll make you break out! WHO KNOWS where those hands have been! 😉


Relax. Don’t miss out on a girls night out or a date you got asked out on because you’re having a bad skin week. After all, if they love you, they gotta love your zits. 🙂


Below I’m going to link some of my favorite skin products that are cheap and work for  me. If you have any questions or wondering what will work for you, message or email me and we can get talking! I LOVE YOU! Thanks for reading! What do you wanna hear next??!



I use this on my face after it’s washed and before I put any makeup on! You can order it HERE

This is my face wash that I have used ever since I was on Accutane. You can order it as well, HERE





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