Tour de Provo

HI peeps. OKAY so I’m here with all my favorite places in THE ONE and only PROVO. hahaha. OKAY PROVO IS NOT ALL THAT BAD PEOPLE. Forreal, you need to chill 🙂 Here’s where you can find me!!!!

IN no particular order….. let’s start it off with my favorite places to eat.

  1.  Station 22 Cafe

OKAY. But really. Heart eyes all over the place every time I walk in! Station 22 revamps American classics in the yummiest way.  & Center Street is probably my favorite place in Provo so like…..they win in every way here.

WHAT I ORDER: Salmon Fish n’ Chips ORRRR the Memphis Chicken Sandwich

2. Slab Pizza

In a perfect world, they would create wayyyy, way, way, way better parking but I’ll let it go. Slab is my favorite to grab something quick and I’m always craving pizza SOOOO win, win.

WHAT I ORDER: Rosemary Potato Bacon slice



Okay. I know you’re confused. But, Britt and I swear by this place whenever we have those Sushi cravings. SO random I know, I know. We can’t decide if it’s crappy sushi that just tastes good or if it actually is good sushi. ?? BUT all I know is that it hits the freaking spot every time. AND they have all you can eat sushi for $20….but you have to finish the rolls.

*me and Britt literally have been so full we shove it in our mouths and spit it out in the bathroom to get the deal* LOLLLL. Worth it.


4. Sodalicious

IN MY OPINION…..way better than Swig. But sometimes I cheat on them because you know…Swig is closer, yada yada. 10/10 prefer Sodalicious though.

WHAT I ORDER: 24 or 23 oz Southern Gentleman

sometimes I splurge with the scotcheroo ? Scotcharoo? … good.


I used to work right next to Ivie so I was a regular and even if you eat like crap the rest of the day…’re like, “But wait, I had Ivie.” *as if it cancels it all out* 😉

WHAT I ORDER: the Beach Babe.

6. J Dawgs

hahaha you guys I’m the weirdest person in the world I love hot dogs more than anything. Anytime my parent’s come down we always stop by Jdawgs and sometimes you just gotta hit that craving.

WHAT I ORDER: Beef dog with special sauce, celery salt, jalapenos, and sauerkraut 


7.  Cubby’s

Probaby my go-to place when me and my friends are deciding where we wanna grab dinner! AND they just re-did the one in Provo so it’s way bigger now so we can all partayyy there. Yay.

WHAT I ORDER: Tri-tip salad

ANNND their buffalo blue cheese fries are actually so good….so try those too.

8. 180 Taco’s

There is one over closer to the Riverwoods and one closer to the McDonalds in Provo (lol point of reference) and it’s the best place to go with your girls! Always full after, but never too heavy or feeling sick. Perfect combo.

WHAT I ORDER: Buffalo chicken tacos (I don’t even know if this is what they’re called but they get what I mean when I order them haha)

9. The Pizza Factory

Honestly, I just go here for the breadsticks.

WHAT I ORDER: Breadsticks lol.

10. Black Bear Diner

mmmmmm hate saying this….but….like….it’s a good Sunday brunch place. Don’t ever quote that to my mom, thank you very much.

WHAT I ORDER: Eggs Benedict babbay

Next up….my favorite places to shop.

okay I’ll be honest, the Provo shopping scene is a little more than dry but here are the places you can find me down here!

  1. Nordstrom Rack

Rackkkk city. Okay but really they always have awesome deals and I know if I need something last minute I will be able to find it there. I ALSO use the rack for a lot of makeup deals on beauty blenders, eye shadow pallets I’ve been wanting, etc.

2.  Katie Waltman

I started shopping at KW in Salt Lake, and I’m so happy they have one down in P town. I never go in there and walk out empty handed! PLUS it’s right next to my next place at the RIVERWOODS.,

3. Soel

Honestly could blow so much money here….name of Jesus Christ Amen.

If we’re being real, Provo is not the best place to shop! Almost all of my shopping is done online or in Salt Lake or places I travel…but Provo does have a lot of fun little shops and boutiques that are fun! At the mall you can find me at Forever 21 or Pacsun!:)



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