Thin Hair Probs.

Hiiiii everyone. Okay-soooo anyone that know me, knows me….knows about my baby thin hair! SO for over a month now I’ve been using these 2 products and I have noticed a huge change in my hair!!! ESPECIALLY in my breakaway hairs!! SO there isn’t much to say other than LITERALLY nothing ever works for my hair BUT I HAVE seen a difference using these two products!! YAY!! I am so excited to keep using them and show you before and afters down the road!!!!

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I Heart Mimi sent me this leave in spray “Grow it Girl” and I use it every time after I shower!!! Spritz it in there with your damp hair and massage it into your scalp. THE BEST part about I Heart Mimi Products is that they are 100% natural. YOU GOTTA LOVE THAT.
OKAY and now to be honest I definitely jumped on the SugarBearHair bandwagon after I saw the Kardashians used them! BUT not only do the Kardashians use them….my hair stylist 200% recommended it and I have seen a big difference in my hair! PLUS I’ve only been through 1 bottle (1 month) so I can’t wait to show you my results down the road!! You take 2 of these little gummies every day and THEY TASTE LIKE MAGIC. SOOOO if you wanna order some just click HERE

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