secret weapon feat. Bondi Sands

OKKKK everyone the last time we talked about tanning on here, I gave you all my Spray Tan tips. If you weren’t totally up for that….got a little nervous… aka chickened out 🙂 Weenies….I have something that might be a little more your flava. Something that is more in your control. I have been obsessed with Bondi Sands ever since I idolized Instagram celebs like Tammy Hembrow that were reps and used the products from this company. AND NOW, here I am, repping it for you as well! Teaming up with Bondi Sands has been one of the most fun and beneficial collaborations I have done thus far because I LOVE being tan. duh.

OK LET ME MAKE THIS CLEAR. I have probably tried every self tanning lotion, foam, liquid, ON the market and I am not joking you. Bondi makes it so easy. And they have been the best I’ve tried, by far. They sent me 2 of their amazing products and so I’ll tell you how I feel about each of them.  AND show you some before and after just 3 uses!

EVERYDAY Gradual Tanning Milk
Dark Tanning Foam

BEFORE                                                        AFTER

THREE.USES. you guys. Granted…I still had a baby base tan in the first before photo, but I’m not kidding I had to stop after 3 because I looked like a little island baby in Utah in the dead of winter. No complaints on my end…this shiz works.

JUST like a spray tan-I prepped my skin by shaving and exfoliating before using the Tanning Foam.  ALSO, just like a spray tan, I did not put any other lotions on for moisture before the foam. (This helps avoid streaks and uneven application.) *sidenote* A lot of normal everyday moisturizers have alcohol in them that will strip your tan so don’t put anythannnng on before. I used the applicator mit and used swiping motions to evenly apply the foam. The foam is going to continue to develop over the course of a few hours, but it does give you a nice immediate color. WHICH I love because you can see exactly where it’s going on.

AFTER I finish putting the foam on, I put the gradual tanning milk over top after the foam has completely dried. I personally feel like this gives a more even coverage over areas like my feet,hands,wrists, and knees. Just a personal preference, but using both together creates a really even color that I love!

Review. They both smell bomb af and they get you dark as hell. Ok? Glad we’re on the same page now. 🙂

After it’s all said and done, I would recommend this product as my favorite self tanner 100%. 200%, actually. I even love putting just 1 layer on the night before I shower to give me the prettiest glow. I PROMISE it is worth the investment. Bondi Sands blows any drugstore product out of the waters, including Jergens Natural Glow which I KNOW YOU ALL ARE USING SO STOP IT RIGHT NOW PLEASE & THANK YOU you are giving me anxiety by using that stuff !!

If you have any other questions about this product you can comment below or message me on any of my social media platforms! Or send me an email through my contact button! I love you all. Now go get yourself some of this miracle magic self tanner by clicking HERE to order ❤

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