You’re probably thinking what does In N’ Out have to do with Thanksgiving?! You’re right. nothing. BUUTTT YOU GUYS. There are a billion and 5 things to be thankful for. SO I’m challenging you all to write down your ten things in your life that you’re grateful for. Doesn’t have to be your top 10. Just whatever you’re feelin’ today or tomorrow. But before Thursday. Because TRUST me I know it’s easy to get lost in the Christmas fever and low key just wanna skip over Thanksgiving…but before we ask for all the things we don’t have, let’s be thankful for what we do! :))

So here’s my listttttt 🙂

1. Friends who know just when you need em’.

2. Those songs that play and can turn your mood from a 0-10

3. Mom’s that send you $10 in the mail just cuz. I love you Mom.

4. Matching outfits that are runway ready but feel like pajamas….:) (pictured below.)

5. Church on Sundays after a week from H E double hockey sticks.

6. People in the McDonald’s drive thru  in front of you who pay for your Coke. You are going straight to heaven whoever you are. I promise you that.

7. Cousins who invite you over for dinner cuz you’re a poor college student. I love you Paigey.

8.Co-Workers who also are your best friends and also can be FBI agents on the low when it comes to finding any information out for you.

9.  My best friend who literally knows exactly what I’m thinking 24/7 and can finish my sentences when I don’t want to. ILY Britty.

10.  Everyone who is supportive of this blog. You seriously mean the world to me.

Processed with VSCO with a8 preset
My go to hairstyle lately! Half up pony with big frizzy curls 🙂

Processed with VSCO with a8 presetimg_2626

Lipstick: Too Faced Melted in color Lady Balls   here

 Adidas PacSun multicolored outfit: here

Gold Adidas Superstars: here

I’m seriously so thankful for all of you!! Be sure to check out the music tab on here for all my favorite tunes lately, too! It’s updated weekly! 🙂 Safe holiday travels! & remember that drunk driving is dumb driving! Sign up for Uber here and keep your family and friends safe when traveling to and from all your parties! 🙂




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